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Accessories for Automatic Awnings

To enhance the user experience, we offer a range of accessories designed to offer complete control over the awning and outside environment. These include the addition of:

Wind Sensors

A wind sensor linked to an electric awning will automatically open and close the awning when wind reaches a pre designated speed (typically from 6 to 30 mph). It will therefore prevent the fabric from being torn or in the really high winds, prevent the awning been completely ripped from the wall.

Wind & Sun Sensors

Offer`s the same protection as the standard wind sensor but with the added benefit of automatically opening the awning when the sun is out, or automatically closing the awning when the sun disappears.

Remote Control Handsets

A remote controlled awning is the ultimate in luxury. At the press of a button you can automatically operate the awning from the comfort of your patio. In addition to operating the awning/awnings, a remote control can also be programmed to operate items such as outdoor lighting or patio heaters.

Wall switches

With the addition of a hard wired rocker switch you can operate the awning to the desired position without ever having to search for a remote control.

Heating & Lighting

To create warmth or light to your patio area, we are able to offer a range of heaters and light systems. These systems are compatible with a relay to make them available for use via remote control.


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Great service and a quality product at an affordable price.

Thank you, we now enjoy relaxing in the garden more than ever.
Mary Stevens - Manchester

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