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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an awning be fitted to my home or business?

Retractable patio sun awnings are suitable to be installed to most property types. An important point to remember is that awnings are heavy and the following considerations should therefore be taken into account:

  • Walls should be of sound construction and capable of taking the weight of the awning.
  • Check for any potential obstructions such as rainwater pipes, gas flues etc.
  • Ideally you will require 300mm of brick above the location of the fixing brackets of the awning. This is to ensure the awning will not pull the top of the wall over. If this is not available or the wall is of poor construction special fixing brackets can be supplied for an additional charge.

What size awning do I require?

If you are trying to add shade to a bright window or doorway then the ideal width will be the length of the opening plus an additional 500mm each side. The more the awning spans past the opening the better the levels of shade will become.

Patio awnings are available in a wide range of widths and projections depending upon the space you have available.

What projection do I require?

The projection length of the awning (amount the awning will come out from the wall) will dictate the level of shade that is available to the user. Our range of retractable patio sun awnings are available in a wide range of projections ranging from 1000mm right up to 3500mm.

For patios that require shaded protection from the sun, the most popular size tends to be somewhere between 2500mm – 3500mm. This is only a guide and will be dependent upon other factors such as the height of the sun at a particular time of day or the location of the awning etc.

For customers looking to effectively shade a bright window or doorway, we generally find a 1500mm projection to be adequate.

Which style of awning do I want?

Our range of awning`s are designed to cater for a vast array of applications and lifestyle demands. Please browse the various products we have to offer to find an awning suitable for you needs. If you are unsure of your exact requirements, please contact us and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

How will I operate my awning?

Our range of awnings can be supplied with the option of either manual or automatic operation.

Manually operated awnings are opened and closed using a crank handle to wind the awning to the desired position. Manual awnings are the ideal solution when the awning will only be used occasionally or when no power source is available to operate a motor.

Automatic operation is by far the most popular way of opening and closing the awning. At the touch of a button you can be enjoying the benefits of a cool outdoor space in which to relax in. Our awnings are powered by the world famous SOMFY motor. Somfy are the market leader in home automation products and as such the quality is second to none.

To complement the awning range and to enhance the user experience, we offer a wide range of accessories to give total user control. We offer various control options ranging from a no frills push button control. This can be mounted at a user defined convenient location.

For the more discerning customer or for those wishing to create some real "wow factor" we can supply a technologically advanced wireless automation system incorporating sun and wind sensors. The sensors are designed to monitor the weather and automatically adjust the awnings position depending upon the current climatic conditions. Thanks to the advanced technology used in the design of the wireless technology, all that is required to power the unit is a simple connection to the mains electricity supply. This is a great solution to removing the need to have lots of unsightly cables intruding on the building`s facade.

Can the awning be left out in the winter?

The retractable awnings we supply are full cassette awnings. These high quality patio awnings fully enclose the fabric in the aluminium casing when fully retracted. This means that when the awning is not in use the fabric will be protected from the elements during the winter months.

Can I leave my awning out in the rain?

The quality fabrics and state of the art components used in the construction allow the patio sun awning to be left out in light rain unless you have specified an all weather fabric in which case the awning can be left open during periods of heavy rain. Due to the pitch of the awning, rainwater will run off the front of the awning. Please note that in heavy rain and if the pitch of the awning is not steep enough, rainwater can pool on the fabric putting excess strain on the components. It is therefore essential that the awning is not left in the open position on a permanent basis.

Can the awning be used in windy conditions?

All of our products have been tested to TUV standards to be capable of withstanding a wind load of up to 75mph.

What guarantees do you offer?

Subject to the correct installation and servicing of the product we offer the following manufacturers guarantees;

  • 5 years on the fabric
  • 5 years on the motor
  • 5 years on the manufactured components.

Can I fit the awning myself?

Awnings are relatively simple to install but it is worth remembering that they will be heavy. We always recommend that at least 2 people are on hand to complete the installation swiftly and safely. Appropriate equipment and the correct tools will be required.

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Thank you, we now enjoy relaxing in the garden more than ever.
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