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Retractable Roof Awning Systems

The retractable roof awning system is a great addition to any home or business and will effortlessly extend your outdoor entertaining space throughout the year. The roof awning system comes as a complete package that includes either a traditional timber or a more contemporary powder coated aluminium structure, retractable roof awning in a range of fabric colours and state of the art electronics to allow for automatic operation.

Premier Shade 400 Retractable Sun Awnings

The Premier Shade 400 Retractable Awning is a fixed awning system that has been specifically designed to allow the awning material to curve around the frame and continue to the ground. This makes the product ideal for creating a shaded environment in which to relax that is also protected from any cool evening breeze.

Incorporated into the design is a state of the art tubular motor with a gas driven piston. This ensures that the drive belts maintain the most efficient postion whilst the awning is in operation.

The 400 system utilises a tubular motor drive with a gas piston to ensure that the drive belts are kept at the correct position whilst the fabric is moving.
The products are fully tested and include three patented systems.

Available in a wide range of sizes up to 5900mm wide with a maximum projection of 7000mm.

  • Front bar with drainage gutter and stainless steel carriage
  • The main profile ensures the fabric stays fully tensioned on the curve
  • The vertical profiles allow the awning to be used in the rain without water collecting due to fabric tension
  • Optional fixed triangle protective canopy


Premier-Shade 450 Horizontal Roof Awning

The Premier Shade 450 series of horizontal roof awnings are specifically designed to offer shading solutions to the following:

  • Conservatories
  • Glass Vernadums
  • Summer Houses

Supplied with the benefit of automation as standard, this sun awning is capable of operating at any angle required right down to horizontal. This makes the 450 series range of awnings the ideal solution for any roof requiring solar shading.

Incorporating the world famous SOMFY control system, the awning is able to be preset to any desired position at the press of a button.


Premier 500 Retractable Roof Awning

The Premier Shade 500 retractable roof sun awning has been specifically designed to offer the maximum amount of flexibility of coverage and is available in sizes from 5.5m – 11.8m in width and a maximum projection of 8m.

The sun awning features a weather strip system that has been designed to make installation of the fabric simple. Individual fabrics are sealed using a unique cord and gasket design that is inserted into the horizontal profile of the awning system. This ensures that every section of the material is watertight. An additional benefit of this feature is the fact that should the fabric become damaged during its lifecycle, it can be changed or repaired without the need to remove the entire awning. The Premier Shade 500 has been fully tested and also includes three patented systems.

Wind resistance - Class 3 (110NM = 50km/h) equal to grade 6-7 on the Beaufort scale

Premier-Shade 500 Installation Gallery - click images for enlarged views


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