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Types of Awning

We supply a comprehensive range of retractable awnings designed to provide a cool shaded area to protect against the heat of the sun. The awnings we supply are of such quality that they are equally suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Retractable Sun Awnings

As the name suggests, retractable awnings "retract" from view when not in use and open out when required to create a shaded area of your choice. User`s have total control over exposure to the sun. This way you can still enjoy outdoor living when the sun is beating down without the risk of getting burnt. Although the most popular application of a retractable awning is to provide shade for a patio or outdoor space, this type of awning can be installed virtually anywhere with the use of special fixing brackets.

Simplistic Design

The solar shading industry has seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of retractable sun awnings and patio sun canopies in recent years thanks to a new awareness of the increased risk of skin cancer due to over exposure to the sun. Couple this with the compact simplistic design of the product and the fact they retract from view when not in use means they are the ideal solution for both domestic and commercial shading requirements.

How does a retractable sun awning work?

Our range of premium retractable sun awning`s & sun canopy are constructed from twin sprung extruded aluminium arms specifically designed to increase rigidity of the fabric. During the operation of the awning the nickel plated arm chain system adjusts to maintain strength at any position the awning is stopped at. When the sun awning is retracted to the fully closed position, the fabric is contained within the cassette to give an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance when not in use.

Operation of the patio sun awning can be either manual operation or luxury touch of a button remote control operation.

What type of retractable awning do I require?

Full Cassette Sun Awnings - A full cassette sun awning incorporates all the moving components into a fully enclosed weather proof cassette (housing) when in the fully closed position. Full cassette awning`s are by far the most durable design and as such will require virtually no maintenance of the moving parts of the awning.

Semi-Cassette Sun Awnings - Semi cassette awnings are very similar in appearance to a full cassette awning with the exception that the folding arms will remain unprotected from elements. This makes certain components vulnerable to wear from the weather over a period of time. To maintain the awning in premium condition a more regular maintenance schedule may be required than the fully cassetted awning.

Open Cassette Sun Awnings - Open cassette awnings offer a low cost solution to your shading requirements. The cassette will remain open to the elements as there is no cover to protect the components. This type of awning is ideal for installations where other methods are available of protecting the cassette such as under the eaves or buildings with overhangs. Open cassette awnings are the ideal solution for larger projections as once the awning goes over a certain size the material can no longer be contained within the cassette cover.

Retractable Roof System

Our range of retractable roof system awnings allow you and your family to enjoy alfresco living regardless of the weather conditions. Our fabric band awnings combined with a traditional style timber structure provides depth of character to any property. As a contemporary alternative a powder-coated aluminium structure gives a more modern design statement.. Designed to give maximum flexibility of coverage, the range of retractable roof awnings are available in sizes ranging from 5500mm up to 11800mm in width combined with a projection of up to 8000mm.

Side Screens

Our range of awning are specifically designed to provide additional protection from the elements. When used in conjunction with a retractable roof system, side screens will provide full enclosure of the space when required with no more than the touch of a button. Available in sizes up to 5000mm wide and 3000mm in height our range of automated side awning`s are the ideal addition to a retractable roof system or can be used to provide a unique solution to an open patio door system. With the addition of a wind bar section, the side screen will offer a noise free solution to evening entertaining.

Retractable Fixed Awning

We supply a range of fixed retractable awning that incorporates a specially designed corner system to allow the fabric to not only offer shade and cover to the roof but will also retract down the vertical part of the frame to allow full protection from the elements right down to ground level. This system is result of extensive market research into the demands of customers who require the most up to date solar shading solution combined with advanced design. The products are fully tested and include three patented systems.

The maximum dimensions available for each individual awning is

  • Single unit up to 5900mm in width
  • Maximum projection of 7000mm

Where larger spans are required, the system can be joined together to create greater coverage.

Drop Arm Awnings

Drop Arm Awnings are suited to all domestic and commercial applications and as such are fast becoming one of the most popular and cost effective ways of creating cool shaded environment within a building. Similar in design to a traditional shop blind, a drop arm awning will provide a high level of shading whilst still maintaining a relatively small projection.

Operated using a high quality tubular motor, these awnings can be stopped at the required position to provide exactly the right amount of shading. Integrate the awning with a wind or sun sensor and the system will open and close automatically without you ever having to move a muscle. Available in a choice of 50 great fabric designs to match your buildings colour scheme.

Horizontal roof (Conservatory) Awnings

We can supply a selection of horizontal roof awnings designed to be fixed to the outside of the structure. This type of awning offers total control over the amount of heat and light entering through the transparent roof structure.

When installed into a conservatory, this type of awning will create a year round pleasant environment. During the hot summer sun the awning material works by filtering the amount of light and heat entering the building. During the winter months the awning material will provide a certain level of thermal insulation during the cool winter evenings making a potential saving in expensive energy bills.

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